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The Best Free Job Posting Sites in Canada

Best Free Job Posting Sites in Canada

The Best Free Job Posting Sites in Canada


## Introduction to The Best Free Job Posting Sites in Canada


In today’s competitive job market, finding the right talent can be a challenge. With the increasing number of job vacancies and the tightening labor market, employers need to invest in effective job posting strategies to attract qualified candidates. Job boards play a crucial role in connecting employers with potential hires. In this article, we will explore the best free job posting sites in Canada, providing valuable information to help employers make informed decisions and find the perfect candidates for their organizations.



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International Job Boards

International job boards with local versions in Canada offer a wide reach and are well-known among job seekers. These platforms provide access to a large pool of candidates and offer various features to enhance the recruitment process. Here are some of the best international job boards in Canada:

Indeed Canada

Indeed is a globally recognized job site and the largest job aggregator worldwide. With over 250 million unique visitors per month globally and around 20 million unique monthly visitors in Canada, Indeed is a popular choice for both job seekers and employers. It offers free job postings and allows employers to sponsor job ads for increased visibility. Additionally, Indeed provides an extensive resume database with over 120 million resumes, enabling employers to find the perfect match for their positions.


Glassdoor is not only a job board but also a platform for employer branding and employee reviews. It allows employers to post jobs and build their employer brand by responding to reviews and sharing information about their workplaces. With millions of job seekers visiting the site to explore job opportunities and read reviews, Glassdoor provides a valuable platform to attract talent and showcase company culture.

Monster Canada

Monster is one of the most popular job boards worldwide and has a strong presence in Canada. With millions of job seekers visiting the site every month, Monster Canada offers a vast resume database and provides recommendations for matching candidates to job ads. Posting job ads on Monster Canada can help employers find the best candidates quickly and efficiently.

CareerBuilder Canada

CareerBuilder is a global employment site with a local version in Canada. It offers employers the opportunity to post jobs and search its extensive resume database. CareerBuilder Canada provides paid plans based on the number of jobs employers want to have posted simultaneously, allowing them to tailor their recruitment efforts to their specific needs.

Local Job Boards

Local job boards in Canada cater specifically to the Canadian job market and attract a large number of local job seekers. These platforms often have a deep understanding of the local talent pool and provide targeted features to connect employers with candidates. Here are some well-known Canadian job sites:


Eluta.ca is a Toronto-based job board and the “official job search engine of Canada’s Top 100 Employers project.” With millions of candidates visiting the site annually, Eluta.ca allows employers to display their job ads for free if they are already published on their careers pages. Employers can also choose to post sponsored job ads for increased visibility among job seekers.

Job Bank

Job Bank is the official government job board of Canada, offering job postings in both English and French. As a trusted resource, Job Bank attracts job seekers from all provinces, making it an excellent platform for reaching a diverse audience. Employers can market their job ads to specific groups, such as veterans, indigenous peoples, or people with disabilities. Job Bank also provides a list of candidates who match employers’ requirements, facilitating the recruitment process.


Jobillico Canada, based in Quebec, is a popular job board with two million job seekers using the platform. Recently, Jobillico partnered with Job Bank, allowing employers to reach even more candidates at no extra cost. Employers can leverage Jobillico’s extensive user base to find the best talent for their positions.


Jobboom focuses on job opportunities in Quebec and has recently partnered with Google to improve job seekers’ access to its postings. Employers can post summer jobs or internships for free on Jobboom, attracting students and recent graduates looking for valuable work experience.

Talent Egg

Talent Egg is an excellent option for employers offering paid internships, summer jobs, or entry-level roles across Canada. With three pricing options, employers can post branded jobs and build their employer profile, targeting recent graduates and young job seekers.


Finding the right talent is crucial in today’s competitive job market. By leveraging the best free job posting sites in Canada, employers can connect with a wide pool of candidates and streamline their recruitment process. International job boards like Indeed and Glassdoor offer extensive reach and valuable features, while local job boards like Eluta.ca and Job Bank provide targeted access to the Canadian talent pool. By utilizing these platforms effectively, employers can attract qualified candidates and build successful teams.

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